16 January 2009

It's Must Be a Sign

In efforts to upgrade our living status, Ben has been searching online for the last six months or so for a potential home to purchase. About every three weeks we package the baby up in her carseat and head out for a few hours of house hunting based on his internet research.

As an aside, but necessary part of this story, we have always relished in a childish chuckle or two at the street signs in our neighborhood that have fallen prey to teenagers with spray paint and nothing better to do. Two of our favorites are the signs directly in front of the stake center that warn for speed bumps. The first sign says "Bump." The second sign along the way also says "Bump" but a clever minor has spray painted the words "it again" on the sign. So the succession of signs while driving says, "Bump" and then "Bump it again." I laugh every time I pass it. Other winners are "Stop Bush," "Stop eating animals" and you get the picture.

While looking for a house a few weeks back in Utah County (yes, it's taking some getting used to) we stumbled upon this sign.
And it's official. I'll move to Cougarland if I can live on this street.