21 January 2010


Sometimes--and by "sometimes" I mean "all the time"--I use the Shazam app on my iPhone to find out what songs are playing on the radio in the car. Generally, if I like it, I will download it immediately using my phone.

The biggest beef I have with Shazam is that when I think I like the song, I tell it to search for the song title and artist, and the results come back with Miley Cyrus as the artist. And a little part of me dies inside.

But I download it anyway, shamelessly listen to it, and then discard it after a month when I'm tired of it. Miley's probably used to that.

03 January 2010

Is This Thing On?

I know you haven't heard from Mar and her Musings in a while and you wonder, "Why?" "Where did she go?" "Did she choke on one of her Chicken Mar-Nuggets?" "Is she still musing?" That's all part of the mystery, my dear readers (if I have readers anymore). Mystery and the fact that when I had free time at work, I wanted to blog. When I have free time during stay-at-home motherhood, I want to nap. Blogging has taken a grim backseat to napping and I'm not afraid to write it publicly.

Recently, as in tonight, my 7-year-old nephew said, "Mar, I read your website. When are you going to update it?" It was akin to the moment when little Cindy Lou Who says to The Grinch, "Santy Claus, why are you taking our Christmas tree? Why?" My nephew's big brown eyes looked so inquisitive and desirous for more to read. So many thoughts began to develop in my head. "Does it bother him (or his parents) that I say damn and hell occasionally?" "Does a 7-year-old get my jokes?" "Is a 7-year-old the only one reading this thing anymore?"

Then in the car Ben said, "You really should update your blog." And since I do everything Ben tells me to do...psh! Let the musing resume:

While visiting at my parents' house tonight, we had a small discussion about the Susan Powell stories in the news. And either Ben or I said something about how she "went missing" and everybody freaked about why one would say "went missing" rather than "is missing." I don't know that answer but I am always curious about the origin of words so I googled* "went missing vs. is missing." I don't really care that "went missing" is more correct than "is missing," according to the site I found, and I don't even want to try to explain where it came from but I found a great grammar site that I can't wait to frequent. So here it is. Enjoy!

*Just yesterday I was driving by the Ski 'n See on 7200 S. and 1300 E. and thought about where the word google came from and why the search engine is called Google. I've known it's origin for a long time but it just cropped up in there and I thought about it. Also, when I have random thoughts like that I always remember where I was when I had them, like driving past Ski 'n See.