26 August 2008

That's What I Would Say

If I was an Olypmic swimmer and the Beijing correspondent from Lame Local News said to me, "What are you going to have to do to win the gold in the next race?" I would say, "Swim faster." And then I would walk away.

13 August 2008

Mahjong for Insomnia

Thank you to China for some great Olympic hosting. That's a party I would liked to have gone too.

Instead I can thank China for the invention of Mahjong and Steve Jobs for making it downloadable to the iPhone.

The recent birth of the cutest little baby I have ever seen has me getting up every night between the absurd hours of 2am and 5am to feed her. That's ok. I knew I would pay that price when I decided to have a baby. What I didn't know is that after spending around 40 minutes to go through the whole changing-the-diaper/feeding routine, I wouldn't be able to fall asleep again. So I find myself lying in bed at 4am, wide awake, wondering when she'll wake up again and thinking of odd ways to drop the baby weight.

One day Ben told me to download all the updates for my iPhone so I did. Lo and behold, one can now download free games to play. I have never been into playing games on my phone but I discovered Mahjong and I can't thank China enough. Requiring just enough concentration for me to not think of other things, it relaxes me enough to fall back asleep. The gold medal goes to China for neat-o tile game invention!