25 July 2007

That Was a Big Bag of Jolly Ranchers

In reference to my recent June 27th post, I am somewhat saddened, yet glad, to say that it was a big bag of Jolly Ranchers. I find exercise to be good for my health and general outlook on life, (although at times dangerous--people fall of their bikes, or occasionally, the treadmill*) and thought it would cancel out eating Jolly Ranchers as a snack.

I was told, and have since learned otherwise. On Thursday last week, after finishing a fitness class which I regularly attend, the instructor handed out a sheet with some abdominal exercises and "nutritional guidelines" and then announced that we all will eliminate sugar and white flour from our diets. Wait, rewind. She's the fitness trainer, not the nutritionist. So why is she calling the food consumption shots? So I looked at her as if she had just slapped me, and I said, "But I have a whole bag of Jolly Ranchers in my desk at work." And she said, "Give them to the people at your office." What? Part with my 3.25 lb. bag of watermelon, grape, cherry, apple, and raspberry comfort? Hell no.

But I like my fitness teacher and she said she would do it too so I said I would give it a week. Since last Thursday I have not had one Jolly Rancher, or any other sugar for that matter. I thought I would be irritable or upset but I actually feel good. Man I hate that fitness teacher changing my habits as if she was Stephen Covey. I haven't heard what his 8th Habit is...maybe it's no sugar consumption.
So yesterday, mustering all the courage and will power I had, I took my still 3/4 full bag of Jolly Ranchers and left them in the kitchen at work. Today I returned to survey the damage. And as expected, 24 hours later, there is only 1/4 of the bag left. People are total vultures--they'd eat plain dry oats from a trough in the kitchen so long as it was free. However, my loss (of candy and weight) will literally be their gain (of candy and weight). Ha ha!

*The writer has never fallen off a bike or a treadmill--she just knows people that have (Yes, a treadmill)

19 July 2007

"It's All Right, Cuz I'm Saved by the Bell"

Today's topic of discussion for radio callers was guilty pleasure TV shows. I am not talking about the big ones. Even though it is sad to admit, many people (excluding me) watch American Idol but they freely admit it, therefore discounting it's guilty pleasure status. And for the people who just can't pass up Grey's Anatomy, this discussion was not for you.

Some guilty pleasure TV shows mentioned (by adults) were SpongeBob SquarePants, Yu-Gi-Oh, Mythbusters and Man vs. Wild (however, those were DQ'd because they are apparently widely watched), any home shopping show and the Kanuk classic, The Red Green Show.

So what show is my guilty pleasure? Saved by the Bell*. Having spent many a half hour with Kelly, Zack, Slater and the rest of the gang while awkwardly suffering through my junior high years, I still can't pass it up. I don't know if it's the nostalgia, Zack playing a broom as a guitar, Kelly Kapowski's tapered floral pants and colored Keds, or AC Slater's mullet. I can't quite pin-point the reason, but I am definitely guilty.

*Does not include Saved by the Bell: The New Class, or Saved by the Bell: The College Years

16 July 2007

Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?

Thanks to Mr. Weasley's new haircut a la Rod Stewart, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix has raked in $77.1 million and counting. Apparently, fighting the Dark Lord requires some British gusto and a sweet rockin' hair cut.

05 July 2007

Card Equals Cool

Right after sitting down at my desk today, I found out I would be leaving for a client meeting within two minutes. I only had time to grab a pad of paper and a pen.

Once at the meeting, I realized quickly that I wished I'd had a copy of the potential project requirements and a few previous notes. I learned today that worse than missing my notes was the fact that I had forgotten to take my business cards.

As the six of us met and shook hands, everybody else started handing out "their identities." Feeling like the poor schmuck at the country club or the person who showed up with no pants, I sort of just stood there and had visions of people sipping champagne and heartily chortling at a story told by a woman named Muffy Jane and I wondered, "Who would have thought that a 2" x 3.5" piece of cardstock wielded so much confidence or had such an ability to shatter self esteem?"

02 July 2007

Jeep Gems--Pearls of a Previous Owner

Recently, Ben bought a 1987 Jeep Cherokee so he can play auto-mechanic and I can play girl-who-cleans-car-interiors-with-toothpicks. At first sight, I wasn't Jeep jazzed. Every time I got in, dust clouds poofed up from the seats and sort of lingered like Pig-Pen from Peanuts. No A/C had me sweating like Chris Farley and unextractable coins embedded in the carpet teased me to no end. But after Friday's find and actually catching the vision of the finished product, I can't wait to go adventuring in it!

Friday night was spent taking apart the dashboard, cleaning the small parts in our kitchen sink and 409-ing the grime on the larger un-"sink"-able parts. Whilst I was in the kitchen scrubbing away at the two-decade-old car console, Ben was deep Jeep diving and surfaced with treasures to make Captain Jack Sparrow drool.

Item A, the first gem uncovered, is what I have affectionately named Black Beard's Delight. As a pirate ship-worthy hood ornament, this little bare-chested amber beauty makes me wonder about the previous Jeep owner...and if he's still single. RAWR! Ben had thrown it away prior to my decision to post about it, so he went dumpster diving for it. (I lament that there are no photos of that.)

I said, "Don't go in the dumpster." And he said, "I'd do it for you." (Not kidding--I guess I don't care if the previous owner is single.) Only to follow it up with, "It is awesome blogging material." As husband and wife, we don't look alike yet, but we think alike sometimes.

Item B I have titled Gentleman Caller. This treasure comes to us from a man named Erik who wooed his women with a heavy gold bracelett and a heavy fake Italian accent that wouldn't quit. For resistance training and strength building, I wore this item while we cleaned.

The last two items, C1 and C2, are a package deal which comes straight to us from the 1985 Fred Meyer jewelry counter. A charming insect lapel pin and a winning mosquito cuff bracelett--I call them Grandma's Travels because, reminiscent of my dad's mother's world travels, they are just the sort of ecclectic jewelry she would have loved.

Alas, the Jeep, purchased for a minimal price has offered up her most precious gems and provided a weekend to be treasured.